List of Workshops

1- Mobile Application Energy Debug: An IoT Case Study (Description): 1397/02/26 (2018/05/16)

2- Infrastructure, Standards, Platforms, and Applications of IoT (Description): 1397/02/25 (2018/05/15)

3- Low-Power Design Techniques for Real-Time Embedded Systems (Description): 1397/02/26 (2018/05/16)

4- FPGA-based Design, Implementation, and Fault-Tolerance in Telecommunication Shipment Monitoring Control Systems (Description): 1397/02/25 (2018/05/15)

5- Power Analysis of AES (Attacks, Countermeasures and Evaluation Metrics Accompanied by a Practical Demonstration) (Description): 1397/02/25 (2018/05/15)

6- Smart City: Technologies and Infrastructures (Description): 1397/02/26 (2018/05/16)

7- Using the Internet-of-Things Infrastructure for Design of Online Energy Management Algorithms (Description): 1397/02/25 (2018/05/15)

Registration Information:

  • Workshop registrations are 490,000 Tomans per attendee.
  • Group registration of  of 10 or more will include 20% discount.
  • IEEE members can use 20% discount on their registration.
  • Universities have limited number of coupons for discounted registration of full-time students. Please contact workshop chair, Dr. Shah-Mansouri (, for more information.

Payment Methods:

Bank Transfer (Domestic attendees)
Bank Name: Mellat Bank
Branch Code: 67397Account No.: 5225429137
SHABA No.: IR890120000000005225429137
Identification Code: 41103Virtual Card No.: 6104 3379 0798 8818Account Holder: غیرقابل برداشت پردیس دانشکده های فنی

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